For a salmon head

Strange banquet in this bog covered with an immaculate white tablecloth following the storm the previous night. Many Diners flock to tire of wings. Large crows and hooded crows in their beautiful black suits and gray jackets. And here in sumptuous white tuxedo great gulls. Let the meals begin! Salmon inlet!

But behold, brown bear which in the sounds of the volatile press its undulating appearance and worries leftover. After all it is for him this feast. For eight years he made the trip as soon as he awoke early April of his den in nearby to enjoy with his cronies Russia cover offered each spring evening. Corvids do not easily let go the range and a few brazen sting of their bill of the big hairy ass. It turns about to swing a slap to the angels already flew. And finds that he has been wronged, because he is robbed of his meal under his nose.