Do you realize! He must go at the end of the world to meet our Heather cocks.

Up close in Karelia, Ostrobothnia and Kainuu Lapland I saw capercaillies. There are everywhere, even on the edge of the road.

Here in the Jura there one here one there. But we do not say, it is forbidden. Only privileged observers may leave them disturbing.

How much are frankly? and what is being done for their survival?

There are still in Switzerland a few large surfaces that have a good quality of habitat for the capercaillie, while being sufficiently marginal so the natural dynamic changes only very slowly their forest structure. In these forests, we can estimate that downsizing will continue in the short and medium term even without habitat improvement measures, provided that the populations are sufficiently protected against faults.

Share its very strict requirements in favour of older forest stands little fragmented, large surfaces and with a low human disturbance, the capercaillie is considered an umbrella species. Its conservation is therefore of major importance and the management of habitats in favour should benefit many other forest species also endangered, such as the Eurasian Pygmy owl and the Woodcock.

Canton of Vaud, sustainable development